Automated (CNC) hydraulic sheet-bending press
Automated hydraulic sheet-bending press of the series HFE can produce sophisticated details with minimal tolerance. The low beam of the press has a special structure which does not require any special means of bend compensation. The press is equipped with Operateur 2000 CNC. High technological CNC has a number of improvements: estimate of impact of the detail into the machine, automatic measurement of angles and graphic depiction of blanks.

Hydraulic coordinate-punching press with CNC ZX 1250/30-2000
Special tasks for sophisticated automated operations: transfer, turn, mirror reflection, copying  and special forms. Automatic repositioning (without programming) of long sheets (up to 10 000 mm). Minimal width of  strip for automatic repositioning -40 mm.

Hydraulic inclined throat (guillotine) shears with CNC
Precision and reliability of the hydraulic inclined throat (guillotine) shears AMADA comes from unique construction and many year experience of production of equipment for metal processing. Hydraulic inclined throat (guillotine) shears of the series GS have a system of manual adjusting of the angle between blades while cutting.