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Established in 1998

European quality

Parts from the best suppliers


The factory is equipped with thr high-quality machines from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Amada, Euromac and ESAB.
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Machine Type : Bending

With more than 125,000 press brakes and 1,500 bending cells installed AMADA are at the forefront of press brake innovation and product development. The patented lower beam design and large working envelope of the HFE give the user great flexibility whilst the latest touch screen 3D control panel and energy saving drive improve efficiency and profitability.

  • Flexible multi axis down stroking press brake
  • Large working envelope
  • Amada’s ‘Instant Reactive Beam’ for consistent accuracy
  • Stop – Start technology for reduced power consumption
  • Multi touch screen 3D control – 19″ smartphone style

CNC Programmable 12.1 inch LCD display panel with adjustable background illumination
Motorola 6800 Pentium 200MMX processor with 2.3GB Hard drive and 32Mb RAM
Graphic icons for punching functions (punching, notching, and nibbling) for fast, easy part programming 3.5” floppy disk drive for saving parts programs to reload at a later date
Rigid Cast C-Frame The rigid C-frame is a monoblock Meehanite steel casting designed using finite element analysis, with a 5 year warranty
Meehanite casting virtually eliminates deflection and lateral movement to ensure long tool life
Punch and die mounting positions are machined in a single operation to obtain perfect tooling alignment
Material Positioning System CNC controlled sheet-clamping system
Can be converted to an automatic back gauge for small or formed parts using our L-gauge bracket
Hydraulically Powered
Ensures accurate tool positioning and alignment
Enables quick tool changeover in just 10 seconds
Ability to jog ram
Capable of generating full tonnage at any point in the stroke
Stroke height infinitely variable to maximize SPM
Ability to perform forming operations such as slots, fins, flanges, louvers, etc.